About Us

The Foundation is the brainchild of Adv. Rakesh Singh Bhadoria and Adv. Manvardhan Singh Tomar, which has now evolved into a team of hardworking and dedicated members supported by eager volunteers and interns.

The Vidyadan Foundation primarily serves in the cities of the state of Madhya Pradesh, including Indore, Gwalior, Datia, Khargone, Satna and Shivpuri, but our help has been extended all throughout the country when the need arises.  The dedicated team has helped raise funds, carry donation campaigns, planning educational visits to government schools and organise various competitions, including an MUN.

Over the years, our reach has grown exponentially throughout the country. Today, our network stands with hundreds of people all across the nation who are connected to provide data, information and updates regarding needful individuals and causes. Everyday is a new challenge, and the team does their best to resolve problems and connect people to rightful sources.

Your support and encouragement has helped us get so far, and we hope to best continue with our efforts to improve and help the society everyday.

Our Mission and Vision

One day, all children in our country will have the access to an excellent education.


We believe in providing help in every way that we possibly can. As a result, we have not only focused on the educational aspect of our cause, but also emphasize the need for charity and donations. The Foundation actively donates clothes, books and other necessary items to children and families who most need it.


We at Vidyadan, believe in “Each One Teach One” to be our organization’s motto. The only way to improve the society’s current condition and to strive for a better future is through education, awareness and training.

We resolve to maintain the cycle of imparting knowledge from a reliable source to the needy. Children are our country’s future and we believe it is of utmost importance to help them live happy and independent lives.